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Delicious waffle house breakfast

Did you know?

If you laid all of the Smithfield Bacon that Waffle House® serves in a year, end-to-end, it would wrap all the way around the equator! That’s over 25,000 miles of a Bacon Belt!! If you could stack all of the Sausage Patties that Waffle House® serves in one day on top of each other, it would be nearly twice the size of the World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai or four times the size of the Empire State Building! Now that’s a tall order! If you poured all of the cups of Coffee that Waffle House® serves in one year, it would be enough to fill nearly 8 Olympic swimming pools!

Each Year We Serve:

Since 1955, We have Served:


Click here to go to the Waffle House Cheesesteak post
Waffle House Cheesesteak post

Don’t let our Southern roots fool you. The Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt™ is hands down one of the best cheesesteak sandwiches out there. In the skilled hands of your local Waffle House Grill Operator, our flavorful cheesesteak is combined with grilled onions and cheese for a classic even The Fresh Prince couldn’t deny. Or […]

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Waffle House Cheese post

When it comes to breakfast at Waffle House, not many things are as universally loved as one of our most popular signature items–Cheese n’ Eggs. Of course what makes it so unique has to be the unsung hero of breakfast – cheese. Why? As a great philosopher once said “Everything tastes better with cheese.”

Waffle […]

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Waffle House Bacon post

Like Waffle House, Smithfield is a great American success story. It began with the Luter family of Smithfield, Virginia. Joseph W. Luter, Sr. and his son, Joseph Jr., worked in various pork industry jobs before teaming up to start their own business in 1936. Under the leadership of the Luter family, Smithfield experienced significant growth […]

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