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Waffle House Museum

The very first Waffle House opened its doors for the first time Labor Day weekend 1955 in Avondale Estates, Georgia. Now the site of the Waffle House Museum, the interior has been lovingly recreated to capture the look and feel of the original restaurant. Rooted in southern hospitality, we have always focused on making people feel at home, and now with nearly 2,000 restaurants spanning twenty-five states, Waffle House has become a southern staple, and a familiar landmark for thousands. 

Please join us as we journey back in time and explore the history of Waffle House #1 and the stories of our founders Joe and Tom. After exploring the restaurant, the journey continues as we move onto the exhibit floor and learn about the Waffle House brand today. Topics covered include our menu and uniform histories, jukebox, and the famed Waffle House Index.

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Original Waffle House location
waffle house stools
Waffle house museum map

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Private tours are available for groups of up to 20 people and are offered ONLY on Wednesday’s at 11am OR 1pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Tours have limited interactive elements and are recommended for ages 10+.

TOUR DURATION: 1-1.5 hours

CAPACITY: 20 people

COST: Free


Museum tours are fully booked for the remainder of 2024.

Please check back in December for 2025 availability.

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Memories from... Under the Yellow Sign®

It's not just a tour, it's a pilgrimage.

Waffle House museum slideshow
  • Vintage Waffle House sign
  • Early Waffle House employees photo
  • Black and white photo of original Waffle House sign
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner sitting in front of a print of their photo
  • Ford mustang with custom Waffles signage
  • waffle house food truck at an event
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner with their families
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner at the Waffle house museum plaque
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner with Waffle House employees
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner
  • Joe Rogers Sr and Tom Forkner and others
  • ribbon cutting ceremony