Waffle House Chicken

Quality, Grilled To Perfection

The days before 1986 were sad times for folks in search of a quality chicken sandwich at quick service restaurants. There may be a debate about who invented the chicken sandwich and when; however, it was clear that it needed improvement. You see, during those dark dining days, the only offerings for those looking for something served fast were unknown parts of chicken, deep-fried or slathered with sauce to cover up low quality product. However, in 1986 Waffle House and Springer Mountain Farms came to diners’ rescue with a high-quality grilled chicken breast introduced on the Waffle House menu. This was a game-changer in the restaurant world and, we dare say, in the entire world. And restaurant-goers everywhere rejoiced at the fact that you now had alternatives to the deep-fried, same-old sandwich forced upon them by the rest of the restaurant world.

Not to rest on this achievement, in 2011 Waffle House and Springer Mountain Farms upped the poultry ante again with the addition of antibiotic-free chicken. Keeping the same marinade recipe, the new Springer Mountain Farms chicken added even higher quality to the equation. The Springer Mountain Farms quality comes from raising chickens that are fed only an all-vegetable diet. Not only is Springer Mountain Farms the best-tasting and healthiest chicken available anywhere, but they are dedicated to using environmentally friendly methods in all of their facilities. They insist that their chickens are raised under the strictest standards of animal welfare. With extra care, their chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet based on high quality domestically sourced ingredients. It is this attention to detail that results in the highest quality chicken for you to enjoy. So although we don’t know who really invented the chicken sandwich, we do know, with Springer Mountain Farms’ help, Waffle House has perfected the grilled chicken sandwich. That’s what makes our Grill Operators proud to serve Springer Mountain Farms chicken in our restaurants. Whether it’s Chicken & Eggs or a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, you can taste the quality of the chicken served at Waffle House.

Knute Carnes, Third Generation Poultry Farmer - North Georgia

Regina, Salesperson - Atlanta, GA