Community rallies to help find Daisy the beagle

LOCUST GROVE — A harrowing event ended happily for a Florida couple whose beagle, Daisy, was attacked by a pitbull at a local gas station and ran into nearby woods.

Peggy Bertels said Thursday morning that Daisy had been found — safe and sound — after going missing Tuesday from the QuikTrip parking lot off Bill Gardner Parkway.

Bertels contacted the Herald Tuesday morning asking for the public’s help in locating Daisy, a 4-year-old tri-colored beagle. Bertels and her husband Joe were headed home to Tampa Tuesday when they stopped at the QuikTrip. Mrs. Bertels said she had taken Daisy out on a leash for a restroom break when the beagle was suddenly attacked by a large, unleashed pitbull.

“This dog came out of nowhere and grabbed her,” said Bertels. “I got the pitbull’s collar and pulled him off her, but in the process (the pitbull) pulled her collar off and she ran in a ravine behind the QuikTrip.”

The Herald helped get the word out about the missing beagle on its website at and social media channels, and the community responded with hope, concern and suggestions for finding Daisy. Bertels said one local resident, Brenda Gardner, even went into the ravine searching for Daisy.

In the end, it may have been the beagle’s keen sense of smell — and the typically healthy beagle appetite — that led to Daisy’s rescue. Bertels said Daisy was found at 1:20 a.m. in the Waffle House parking lot by employee Trent Bing.

Bertels said she wanted to thank the community for the “tremendous outpouring of help, love and prayers.”

“Without everyone’s help, I wouldn’t be holding Daisy right now,” she said. “And to Trent Bing, this young guy saw Daisy and took her in until we arrived. He bought her food and gave her the love needed after a traumatic event.”

Bertels said Daisy appears to be none the worse for wear after her big adventure.

“Daisy is fine, a bit quiet, but she’s back with me!” said Bertels.