LOOK: Bears rookie WR Dazz Newsome received a Waffle House care package

Bears rookie wide receiver Dazz Newsome made headlines following his rookie press conference when he shared his disappointment that there weren’t any Waffle Houses in Chicago.

Newsome, who grew up and played football in the south, was well accustomed to late-night Waffle House runs. And his shock at the development was as relatable as you could imagine.

“I thought Waffle House was global,” Newsome said at rookie minicamp. “Where do you go when it’s 24 hours and you all want food at 3 in the morning, 4 in the morning?”

Well, the folks at Waffle House felt Newsome’s struggle and decided to send him a little care package, which he shared on his Instagram story (pictured below).

“They sent me some little things,” Newsome said on the Parkins & Spiegel Show on Friday. “They gave me a hat. They gave me the waffles, the actual mix. So I be getting the people who make our breakfast to make me a Waffle House waffle every morning from now. So that’s pretty good. They sent me some syrup, some coffee and things like that.”

No Waffle House? No problem for Newsome. Who knows, maybe eventually Newsome will get a Waffle House in Chicago. But for now, Waffle House waffles made by the folks at Halas Hall isn’t a bad consolation.