WAFFLE HOUSE STOCK A Company of Owners

Waffle House, Inc. is a private company that allows all associates to have the opportunity to own stock in and share in the success of Waffle House, Inc.

Waffle House stock is not publicly traded and only Waffle House, Inc. associates may purchase it. Waffle House, Inc. stock value is not determined by trade values driven by Wall Street speculation or opinions. It is valued on “book value”- the actual net worth of the company. That means the better the restaurants perform, the better the stock return can be.

Waffle House, Inc. associates have the opportunity to increase their stock holdings through stock option grants. These options are an important part of the company’s long-held strategy that the company intends to continue to pursue.

Shares of Waffle House stock have increased in value every year for the last 57 years. Past performance does not mean the stock is guaranteed to increase every year or that investing in the stock of the company is risk-free. Just like any other investment, an investment in Waffle House, Inc. stock involves risk, and associates should always weigh the risks of investing based on their own risk tolerance and financial situation.

Compensation and Opportunities
Salary, Vacation and More

  • Fully-paid training program – no experience necessary.
  • Performance-based compensation once
    placed in your own store.
    • Unit Manager

      – Average – $45,000 - $59,800
    • District Manager (2 to 3 stores)

      – $65,800 - $96,700
    • Division Manager (6 to 9 stores)

      – $91,700 - $117,000
  • Promotions based on performance, not tenure.
  • Medical/dental/life insurance benefits and vision
    discount after 30 days.
  • Vacation – three weeks paid vacation per year.
  • Continuing personal and professional development.