The Same First Step

Waffle House believes in
“Homegrown Management,”
which means every manager in
operation begins their career as
a single restaurant manager.

3 Months

There is no restaurant simulator. We believe in learning by doing. On day one you’ll put on the uniform, walk into a real Waffle House restaurant and start working alongside a Training Unit Manager. You’ll do everything they do until it becomes second nature. During this period, you’ll receive extra training from senior managers as well. Below are the opportunities and details of your training period.

  • Be awarded a $14,000 stock option on your FIRST DAY!
  • 6-on-2-off rotating shift schedule
    (work 6 days then you’re off 2 days)
  • Begin at 6:30AM, end around 4:30PM daily
  • 9-12 weeks management training, including
    3rd-shift rotations
  • 4 days at Waffle House University at corporate office
  • Practice management by running different restaurants before being checked into your restaurant
  • Trainees become familiar with team leadership, business systems, hands-on culture
18 Months

As a Unit Manager, you’re in charge of your own restaurant. You’ll go from learning the basics to being great at running our business to becoming efficient in all restaurant duties: cooking, cleaning, leadership, and building relationships with associates, customers, and the community.

You will start receiving performance-based compensation. This means you determine how much you make by creating sales and how well you run your restaurant.

Range of Compensation:
$45,000 to $59,800 depending on restaurant performance

Average time for a Unit Manager to be selected for District Manager is 12-18 months.

3 Years

As a District Manager you’ll be responsible for the oversight of 2-3 Unit Managers and 60+ hourly associates. District Managers learn Unit Manager Development, multi-unit organization, delegation and time management.

You’ll be awarded an additional $38,000
stock option.

Range of Compensation:
$65,800 to $96,700

Average time to be selected for
Division Manager is 1-3 years.

5 Years

As Division Manager you’ll oversee 2 or 3 District Managers. Your organizational leadership role includes: operational excellence, team leadership and development, facility management, recruiting and training, and community relations.

You’ll be awarded an additional $65,000 stock option

Range of Compensation:
$91,700 to $117,000

Average time to be selected for next level is 3-5 years.