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Waffle House Museum – Avondale Estates, Georgia

Waffle House Museum

The Waffle House ® Museum is the site of the very first Waffle House ® restaurant. It opened back in 1955 after two neighbors, Joe Rogers, Sr. and Tom Forkner, decided Avondale Estates needed a 24-hour restaurant. Today, the chain they started has 1700 restaurants in 25 states. The restaurant has been restored to feel as though you are stepping back into 1955. In addition to the restaurant, the museum features Waffle House memorabilia from the past 60 years.

The Waffle House Museum Address:

2719 East College Avenue

Decatur, Georgia 30030

Museum Tours

Tours can be scheduled for Wednesdays at 11am or 1pm.
Please call 770-326-7086 to make an appointment at least two months in advance.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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