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    •  Mason and Grandfather (Atlanta, Ga.)

      Mason and Grandfather (Atlanta, Ga.)

      Mason & Grandfather (Atlanta, Ga.)Mason and his grandfather love spending their Sunday mornings at Waffle House. It is a tradition they have where they get to spend one-on-one time over their favorite breakfast: WAFFLES!So when Halloween came...

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    • "Mr. Roy" and Leanner (Vinings, GA)

      "Mr. Roy" and Leanner (Vinings, GA) "Mr. Roy" has been coming to Waffle House since 1964. This past March, he celebrated his 101st birthday! He and his wife, Leanner started going to Waffle House in the Vinings area, and have been Regulars at Unit 960...

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    • "Tootie" & Family (Dublin, Va.)

      "Tootie" & Family (Dublin, Va.) "I was taking my youngest son Isaiah (aka 'Tootie') to day care one morning, but was wanting him to spend the day with me instead. I asked him if he wanted to hang out with daddy today...or go to school. He said 'I...

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    • Amanda (New York, NY)

      Amanda (New York, NY)

      Amanda (New York, NY)Though she is currently living in New York for graduate school, Amanda was raised on WAFFLE HOUSE food in Alabama. When she thinks of home, she always thinks of WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants. It is her first and last stop when she...

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    • Amanda and Jake (Walton, KY)

      Amanda and Jake (Walton, KY)

        Amanda and Jake (Walton, KY) "I am so proud to be a Waffle House associate, loyal customer and fan! I love working for Waffle House restaurants! The regular customers really make my day brighter and the skills I've learned will stay with my for...

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