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Waffle House: Jukebox Favorites Vol. 2

Now you can listen to your favorite Waffle House songs anytime!

Get your copy today for only $10 (plus shipping & handling).
All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to the Marcus Autism Center.

Click here to buy the Jukebox Favorites Vol. 2 CD

Also available for download on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Find samples from Classic Jukebox Favorites Vol. 2 below.




Name Sample
Jason Phelps

Over Easy
Jason Phelps

Save Me
Kaitlyn Rogers

50 Years and Counting
Van Temple

Make Mine with Cheese
Woody Mankowski

Waffle House for You and Me

Waffle House Steaks
Northwest Territory

They're Cooking Up My Order
Alfreda Gerald

Appetite for Life
Jay Speight

Kaitlyn Rogers

Marcus Autism Center is an internationally recognized leader in research, diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). One in 110 children and one in 70 boys are affected by ASDs, a group of developmental disabilities that cause lifelong social, communication and behavioral challenges. ASDs are more common than childhood cancer and juvenile diabetes combined. Access to early diagnosis and treatment is critical to improving a child's development and can save millions of dollars in care during one child's lifetime.

As one of the largest and most comprehensive centers in the U.S., Marcus Autism Center is poised to have a transformational impact on the fight against autism. Our research efforts are not only expanding our knowledge of ASDs, but are leading the way towards improved care and the ability to diagnose infants years earlier than was previously thought possible. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not pay for the treatment of autism, and many families cannot afford the services they need. As a not-for-profit organization, Marcus Autism Center relies on the generous philanthropic support of donors and funding from local and state governments to expand our research capabilities, care for our patients and expand access to care through outreach clinics, community programs and clinical training efforts.