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Iced Cinnamon Praline

Decadent Waffles Available at Participating Restaurants
Iced Cinnamon Praline
  • ICED CINNAMON PRALINE WAFFLE - Our famous Sweet Cream Waffle sprinkled with cinnamon pralines and covered in rich, vanilla icing.
  • ICED PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP WAFFLE - Sweet Cream Waffle smothered in melted peanut butter and chocolate chips and covered in creamy, vanilla icing.
  • ICED CHOCOLATE CHIP PECAN WAFFLE - A classic Pecan Waffle covered in melted chocolate chips and warm, vanilla icing.
  • ICED BLUEBERRY PECAN WAFFLE - A refreshing Blueberry Waffle with fresh pecans baked in and covered in decadent, vanilla icing.