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Waffle House - Hourly Careers


"Waffle House is a great fit for my life because the schedule is so flexible"


The benefits listed below apply to WAFFLE HOUSE, Inc. employees and may vary slightly for those employed at franchise and subsidiary WAFFLE HOUSE locations. For more information, please check with management.


Hourly Associate Benefits



Waffle House, Inc. offers competitive pay rates for its Salespeople (servers) and Grill Operators (cooks). They are paid weekly in cash. Grill Operators earn bonuses based on shift sales goals. Salespeople have scheduled raises totaling minimum of 40 cents/hours over the course of the first year in the same store. Other raises are based on continuous service at the same restaurant and are applied after each year of service.

Health Insurance

Waffle House, Inc. offers several health benefits for individuals and family members. You may enroll on your first day and coverage takes effect 28 days after the first payroll deductions.


Comprehensive Medical Plan

Waffle House, Inc offers comprehensive Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage with a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) covering the entire United States. The plan covers 80% after deductible ($750 for individual and $1,875 for family). For more details on Blue Cross Blue Shield and their providers log onto


Basic Care Plan

Waffle House, Inc. also offers a Basic Care Plan for those who want lower premiums and limited coverage.



Benefits are covered for any dentist you choose, but you will pay less if you choose a dentist in the Blue Cross Blue Shield dental network.


Life Insurance

Waffle House, Inc. provides $10,000 of Term Life and $20,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits when you participate in the medical plan. You may elect to increase those amounts up to $50,000 and $100,000 respectively at an additional cost under the Comprehensive Care Plan.


Vision Discount

A vision discount is offered through Lenscrafters and BlueChoice Vision optometrists and features 30% off the regular retail for eyeglasses and low fixed prices for contact lenses and eye exams.


Waffle House, Inc. Stock

Waffle House, Inc. stock is one of the best ways to build personal financial wealth for you, your family, and retirement. Waffle House, Inc. is privately held, so the price does not vary daily with Wall Street market pressures. The stock price is simply a function of profitability and Waffle House has a great track record for more than 51 years of performance. Stock is offered solely to Company Associates.

Waffle House, Inc. hourly Associates can accumulate wealth through Waffle House, Inc. stock in two ways:


Direct Purchase Plan

Deduct up to 10% of your paycheck to purchase stock. Unit managers and salary associates (exempt) are eligible 3 years after your first day or when promoted to District. Associates (non-exempt) are eligible after 3 years of service. One can enroll during an open enrollment period following your eligibility.





You may earn two weeks paid vacations per year for the first ten years, and then you may earn three weeks of paid vacations

per year after ten years of service. You can choose to either work or take off that week. If you work, then you get two

"pay checks" that week, one for working and another for vacation.

To learn more about the opportunity of a Waffle House Associate or to apply for a position, please go by your nearest Waffle

House restaurant and talk with the restaurant manager. CLICK HERE to find a restaurant near you.