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Waffle House - Project Greenhouse


Our Green Mission

Our mission at WAFFLE HOUSE® Restaurants is to provide a unique experience by delivering great food, friendly service, a welcoming presence and a great value. We are proud to be America’s Place to Eat and America’s Place to Work.  A part of that mission is our commitment to promoting sustainable environmental stewardship through our actions and facilities management.




In 2010, the WAFFLE HOUSE System recycled:


  • 756 .2 tons of cardboard and paper
  • 94.5 tons of aluminum
  • 94.5 tons of plastic

This equates to a savings of:


  • 9,074 mature trees – enough timber to produce 112 million sheets of newspaper
  • 4.96 Million KW/Hrs of electricity – enough to power 412 homes for a year
  • 3,771 cubic yards of landfill space – enough to fulfill the waste disposal for 4,800 people for one year
  • 1,818 Barrels of Oil – enough energy to heat and cool 375 homes for one year
  • 5.29 million gallons of water – enough fresh water for 70,576 people




  • Every WAFFLE HOUSE location practices water and energy conservation daily.
  • We set our water heaters at the optimum temperature to clean and sanitize without wasting energy.
  • We have automatic shut-offs on our gas burners so the flame is out when a pan is not on the burner.
  • We install Energy Star certified refrigerators
  • We install energy efficient light bulbs.
  • We turn out lights in the back room when we are not in them.
  • Our hand sinks have automatic shut-off valves so we don’t waste water.