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8-Year-Old Gets a Christmas Miracle at Waffle House

An eight-year-old gets his Christmas wish of having a family dinner at a Waffle House Restaurant and much more.

"His dad passed in 2006 and we've been struggling ever since," said his mom, Paula Waldrup. She has it tough right now.  Waldrup recently lost her job while James was sick with an ear infection. Little did she know a stop a Waffle House would change her and James' luck.

Christmas Eve is special for James because it's also his birthday. Stokes was determined to make it a day he would never forget. "He wasn't going to have a birthday or Christmas because Santa wasn't going to be able to come... I started asking all my customers if they could help make this special for him," said Stokes.

By the time it was all said and done he had a bunch of presents, a visit from Santa, a brand new bike and a mother who didn't know what to say. "Words can't express it, there are no words to express it.  Just when you think people are getting meaner somebody is looking over you," said Paula Waldrup.


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